I hope i can give you treasure
not a treasure
as in giving you my personality as a present

I met a pollution
I met a fusion between music and movement, her erotic body left me so confused I don’t know what I was doing
I was seeking an lady but ended up in some danger, she took me around the neck and placed her hand on my chest,
made it feel so intense, but I wasn’t against the way she grabbed around me and then i was next.   

Emotions exploding
The crowd is growing,
Speakers is blowing but who will ever notice the silent provokement

I run through war with the father wolfs fur on my head
to remind me of my courage and why I should be brave
I fight for my rights and justice must be payed
these men in these suit don’t promise what they say

Assassination is lugging horror as this percept
conspiring they look at us and want to destroy our emporium
I do not see them as a threat because I hold thight around their artery
this is a joke you could run it as a bacterium

Do you really want to see cutting throats at your feet
dragged dead body because they are disbelief
either way it seems like trouble to me
I will plant my flag and set an end to this

She has a companion who knows how her dress will sit today
since their will only be a dirty butterfly opening up on me tonight
a smile so wide and a laugh so intense
but she only sees life between heart cracks
so I’m giving her what my heart contain

I run through the night with bandage on my eyes and a Molotov in my hand
a few amulets that will give me luck wherever I am
I get more tired posterity as I stand
I sit down to heal wounds and I meet fate and see her shame for tonight
she has been abused by the type she like
and now she goes after a type of mine

I’m face to face with forgiveness
don’t apologize for hurting people when you meant it
there’s never a nice way to tell what you will tell them
only open jaws and afterthoughts they have to suck in
why is these words so hard to put in a sentence
I could yell them one by one and no one would ever listen
but if I say them with attitude I might get your attention
make them understand why this is so important to mention

I remember the voice but not her face
I remember touching but not her legs
I remember closed eyes and her lovely taste
I remember kissed by the same woman, she rakes and bait

Fresh blood young meat sharp teethe go deep in my mind you wanna eat
I wake up with cold sweat, cold feet, cold heat, high pulse and my dreams isn’t free
don’t paralyze me, I’m not awake
this is my scenario, I’m taking over it
every part of my membrane is inflated with burned pictures I can’t change
so go ahead and peel it of because I might prefer to be brain dead, and left out of the community instead of hurting it

2 people creating a bond for each other becomes a marriage,
I hope it will be a true day
with flower girls champagne bride and ashes shot
that turns into a ring on a finger.
and it should be on charla.