About Me

About Me

I’m Valbro Højte, I’m A music producer raised far out on the country side of Denmark. I first discovered sound by playing on bongo drums. My father kept bongo drums in a shelf at his office. I first used my hands to produce sound. Afterwards i took different tools to hear what kind of effect that had. And then i realized the movement in body it could by playing rhythms.

I was so strucked by it, I wanted to learn more about this feeling. So i got out to my mother and told her i wanted to play drums. So I started playing drums when i was 9, and guitar when i was 10. I played a couple of years and then i found producing really inspiring.

I started my career under the artist name NAIZE, where i produced, and wrote all music by my self. All lyrics you can read in the lyric section is made by NAIZE. I began to go away from songwriting, and began to focus more on production, mix and master and the sound technical stuff.

Now I’ve composed and produced for several artists, and the goal now is to support the artist which is why i give out free music.

If you have a project you want feedback on i’m always open to give some.