Valbro Højte

Welcome to the creative world of Valbro Højte.

I’m an 23 year old actor living in Copenhagen Denmark, I’m born and raised in a core family with a lovely mother and father, a big sister and two big brothers, which makes me the youngest member of the Valbro Højte legacy for now.

I played my first role when i was 12 in Emil From Lønneberg as The Merchant where i had the experience of me being the happiest I’ve ever been. Acting have always had a huge impact on me and still has to this day and is the one thing I can’t leave without.

You can check out my work as an actor on the actor site also in the top menu of the website.

Out of all the work you can do behind the camera, I have a interest in producing and composing music. You can download cinematic music in the music store in the top menu of the website.